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Pacific Rim Entrepreneur Summit is the premiere gathering of alumni, friends, and affiliates of top entrepreneur programs in the Asia/Pacific region. This summit will bring together a group of leading entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors from the Pac Rim.

Join industry experts as we tell our stories and discuss key issues within the four themes of creating business in the Pacific Rim: Culture, Partnering, Technology, and Money. From sharing experiences and making connections, Summit participants can expect to come away with an expanded network of at least 20-25 contacts.

Partner Business Schools



Featured Speakers



University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business

Tom O'Malia, Director
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
T: 213.821.0641 / E:

Richard Drobnick, Director
Center for International Business Education and Reserach (CIBER)
T: 213.740.7135 / E: