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Getting Started for Marshall Graduate Students


Account Activation: Marshall & USC

As a Marshall graduate student, there are a wide variety of computing resources available to you. You will gain access to these resources using either your Marshall Account or your USC Account. To learn more about these including your username, password, and what systems they allow you to access, click Setting up Your Marshall Account and Setting up Your USC Account above.


This is the distance learning environment used by insturctors at USC. To learn more about Blackboard, click "Blackboard".


There are a variety of email options available to you including Outlook, USC email, Blackboard Email, and Alumni Email. To learn more about thse, click "Email".

Marshall User Support Help Desk

Marshall provides a Help Desk that graduate students may contact for assistance on the topics covered below. Please note that for some USC account-related problems, you may be referred to ISD's Help Desk. The Marshall Help Desk is located in Hoffman Hall 300 and can be reached by phone at (213) 740-3000 or Please use our online helpdesk form at during normal business hours.

Monday - Thursdays: 7 am - 6 pm
Fridays: 7 am - 5 pm
Weekends & University Holidays: Closed

Note that during breaks and holidays, these hours may be reduced. See the Help Desk page for more information concerning the Help Desk.

Outlook E-Mail

All Marshall graduate students have an e-mail account on Marshall's Outlook Exchange server that will be used as your primary e-mail address while you are here at Marshall. You can access your e-mail using either the software or web version of Outlook. Note that both methods access the same account (i.e. you will see the same thing regardless of which version you use.)

  • Software Version of Outlook
    If you own the software version of Outlook, it can be configured to connect to your Marshall Outlook account; however, due to the complexity of configuring the software version of Outlook and the limited number of resources available, configuration support is limited to an online connection only. We do not offer support for offline access and synchronization. Access the handout which pertains to your version of Outlook:
    - Outlook 2003
    - Outlook 2007
  • Web Version of Outlook (OWA) (
    To access the web version of Outlook, all you will need is an Internet connection and a web browser. Because this method takes no configuration and can be accessed from any computer with a browser and Internet connection, you may prefer this method of accessing your Outlook account.

    For more information on using the web version of Outlook, AIS provides the following handout: Outlook Web Version.
    You can access the web version of Outlook at:

Outlook Access & E-mail Address
Regardless of the method you use to connect, you will use the same login name and password (given to you during orientation). Your external e-mail address will be made up of your offical first name, last name, expected date of graduation (separated by periods) followed by "" ("")
For example, Tommy Trojan who graduates in 2007 would have the address of:

Outlook Assistance
Your Outlook account is administrated by the Marshall School. Should you experience any problems using it or have questions, you can contact the Marshall User Support Help Desk at: (213) 740-3000 during normal business hours (see Help Desk).


MyMarshall is a one-stop information center that facilitates access to important information and provides users communication within the Marshall community. While logged into the MyMarshall web page, you can access such programs as Outlook Web Access, Course Pages, Community Pages, and the Career Opportunity System.

Web address:

Login: Your Marshall user name
Password: Your Marshall password

If you experience any problems, please contact the Marshall Help Desk at: (213) 740-3000 or come to Hoffman Hall 300.

Life Long E-mail Forwarding

This is a free e-mail forwarding service available to all Marshall graduate students upon graduation. Three months after graduation, your Outlook account will become inactive; however, any e-mail arriving at your Marshall Outlook address will be automatically forwarded to the e-mail account of your choosing indefinitely. This will let you continue to receive e-mails sent to your Outlook address, thus allowing you to keep in touch with USC, classmates, and any potential employers who have your Outlook e-mail address.

As you get closer to graduation, your program office will contact you with information on how to sign-up. For more information on the Life Ling E-mail Forwarding System, visit the Alumni Page.

Graduate Computer Lab Use, Print Allotment, and Network File Storage

As well as having an Outlook account, Marshall graduate students also have an network account. This uses your Marshall user name and password and allows you to login to any one of the lab computers in Popovich Hall 201J and print up to $30 (300 pages) of black & white laser prints per semester at no additional charge as well as store up to 2GB of files in on the Marshall network. Once you are logged in, when you print, the pages will automatically be deducted from your print quota. Further, when in the lab, if you click "save" or access "My Computer", you will have direct access to your network drive. You can save and access files to that drive just as you would any drive.

Logging Onto a JKP Lab Computer
To login to one of the lab computers:

  2. Type your Marshall user name and password & click OK.
  3. Be sure to logout once you are finished.

Accessing Your Network Drive Off Campus
Should you need to access files stored on your Marshall network drive from off campus, follow the steps in this handout: Accessing Your Network Drive off Campus

Purchasing More Prints
Should you exhaust your quota of prints for the semester and wish to purchase more, you will need to do the following:

  1. Purchase a print card from one of the dispensors located in either JKP 201J or Crocker Library.
  2. Present it to the Help Desk located in Hoffman 300 or the lab technician in JKP 201J.

They will contact AIS and have your quota increased for the amount on the card. Please note that this process can only happen during Marshall Help Desk business hours.

Computer Lab Hours

For current lab hours and services available in the Graduate Computer Lab (Popovich Hall 201J), visit our Computer Labs page.

Using USC as Your Internet Service Provider (Dial-up Modem)

As a USC student, you can access the Internet from home via your telephone jack by using USC as your Internet Service Provider. The service is free but you may incur long distance charges from your phone company if USC does not have any dial-up numbers in your location. This service is provided by a USC department outside of Marshall called Information Services Division (ISD) and uses your USC username and password. If you would like to use USC as your Internet Service Provider, you will need to activate your USC account and then configure your computer for a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) connection to USC. The handouts below contain instructions on how to perform both of these tasks. Instructions on activating your USC account are also at the bottom of this page.

Connecting Your Computer to the USC "Plug-in" Network (ResNet)

ResNet allows users with a registered Network Card to connect their laptops to the Internet at a top speed of 10 Megabits/sec (approximately 1 MB/sec) while on campus. There are ResNet jacks located in all class rooms in Popovich Hall as well as many other locations throughout Marshall. To connect to ResNet, you must have a network card, activate your USC account, and register your network card with USC via your USC account. The two handouts below cover activating your USC account and ResNet. Instructions on activating USC are also at the bottom of this page.

Connecting Your Laptop to the USC Wireless Network

Like ResNet above, wireless also allows users to connect their laptops to the Internet while on campus but does not require the user to physically connect using cables. Reception is available within all class rooms in Popovich Hall, the patio, as well as other areas throughout USC and USC's Orange County Center. Please note that this is a 10 Megabit/sec shared connection meaning that depending upon how many users are connecting at once, it can be considerably slower than using ResNet. The handouts below cover activating your USC account and how to connect using wireless.

USC Hosted Web Pages

USC provides space on their UNIX web server for students who wish to post their own web pages. The pages will be available for viewing by anyone in or outside of USC. You must create the pages yourself by either using a web authoring tool such as MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or by typing the HTLM code yourself. Once created, the pages can be transferred to the public_html directory of your USC account via FTP. The basic steps for utilizing this resource are:

  1. Activating your USC account.
  2. Activating the web portion of your USCaccount (same handout as above).
  3. Creating the pages (FrontPage 2000 / HTML)
  4. FTP the pages to your USC web site.

Recommended Hardware

If you are considering purchasing a new computer for use while at Marshall or wish to determine if your current computer system will be adequate, AIS recommends you read the Recommended Hardware page prior to taking any action.

Computer Software Manuals

AIS has created a library of computer instruction manuals covering such business related programs as Excel, Access, FrontPage, and PowerPoint. As a Marshall student, these handouts are freely available for you to download in PDF format by clicking the Computer Manuals link.

Computer Workshops

AIS offers computer workshops that are available to any Marshall group that can provide at least 15 attendees. Software topics offered include Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, FrontPage, HTML, Blackboard, and JavaScript. For more information, visit the Computer Workshops page.

Other Useful Links

Although there are hundreds of useful links throughout USC's web pages, the links below were put together by fellow Marshall students as the most useful.

Activating Your USC Computer Account

While Marshall provides you with a Marshall computer account, USC's Information Services Division provides all USC students a separate USC computer account. Having a USC account is what allows you to use USC as your Internet Service provider, connect your laptop to the Internet while on campus (ResNet and wireless), access the Blackboard Course Management Systems, and post web pages to USC's web server. Note that you also have a second e-mail account/address through your USC account (see "Forwarding Your USC Web Mail E-mail" below). To use any of these services, you must first activate your USC account. The steps below cover how to activate your USC account.

Activating Your USC Account

Note that part of this process requires you to create a USC password. This password must have the following characteristics:

  • Must be a mixture of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters.
  • Must contain at least one number (but not the first character).
  • It cannot be your name or a word found in the dictionary.
  • Must be at least eight characters in length.

After you activate your USC account, it may take up to two hours before you can do anything with it. Also, if you forget your USC password, you must contact ISD at: (213) 740-5555. The Marshall Help Desk cannot lookup passwords on the USC system.

  1. Go to the following web address:
  2. Follow the on screen instructions.

Forwarding Your USC Web Mail E-mail

ISD provides you with a second e-mail address ("") through a system called ?USC Web Mail?. Because Marshall provides you with an Outlook e-mail address that will eventually become your life long e-mail address, we strongly recommend that you use only your Outlook account and that you setup your iPlanet e-mail account to forward any incoming e-mail to your Outlook account. The steps to setup forwarding are below.

  1. Logon to USC Web Mail at: using your USC user ID and password.
  2. Click the ?Options? tab then select the ?Settings? link on the left.
  3. Under the Mail Forwarding section, type your Marshall email address in the box.
  4. Check ?Enable forwarding?.
  5. Leave ?Don't leave copy on server? unchecked so copies of emails are not left in your USC Web Mail inbox.
  6. Click ?Save Changes? then logout, closing your browser.