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Convergence Collisions

CTM?s research in this field is predicated on the following concepts:

  1. Service platforms of all types are converging:

    • Packet vs. Switched
    • Wireline vs. Wireless
    • Cable vs. DSL
  2. Generating fundamental business model challenges for offer providers:

    • Computing as a utility from whom?
    • Which tone (Dial, IP, Process) will come from whom?
    • How big a bundle will customers pay for? Video and Voice and Data and Wireless?
  3. and Fierce Debates over who will ?Control the Customer?:

    • Content,
    • Carrier,
    • Device, or
    • The Customer
  4. Setting off a cosmic reconfiguration of industry value chains

    • Old players moving up/down and over to survive
    • New players emerging, bursting with energy
  5. Leaving customers of all types uncertain over their choices:

    • What should I buy?
    • Who should I buy it from?
    • How should I acquire these services?
  6. As a result, cosmic collisions will reconfigure industry value chains. Consider the following:

    • Convergence of Business Models (who owns customer, partnering, revenue sharing, branding, ..)
    • Convergence of Cultures (telco vs servco, IT vs. telecom, SME vs. gorilla,..)
    • Convergence of Service Platforms (Cable vs. DSL, WI-FI vs. GSM, packet vs. switched, which device, .)
    • Convergence of Content Offerings (professional, user, enterprise; how will we bundle, deliver)

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