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Major - Required Courses


306 Business Finance (4, FaSpSm)

Financial problems of business enterprise; function of financial manager; sources of funds; instruments, institutions, and practices of finance; problems of financial management using case studies. (Duplicates credit in BUAD 406.)
Prerequisite : BUAD 250a or BUAD 305x.

350 Macroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions (4, FaSpSM)

Behavior of economic indicators over business fluctuations, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate movements.
Prerequisite : ECON 203, ECON 205.

351 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (4, FaSpSm)

Theory of the firm in the enterprise system; profits, demand, and cost analysis; market competition and resource allocation; problems of size efficiency and growth.
Prerequisite : ECON 203, ECON 205 and MATH 118.