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Finance and Business Economics PhD Program


2011-2012 FBE Job Market Candidates

 Student  Dissertation Area  Research Interests


  Derek Horstmeyer
  Website  |  Email  |  CV (pdf)


 Corporate Finance

 Corporate Governance
 Board of Directors
 Mergers and Acquisitions
 Executive Compensation


  Jerchern Lin
  Website  |  Email  |  CV (pdf)


 Asset Pricing

 Empirical and Theoretical Asset Pricing
 Tail Risk
 Tail Dependence
 Risk Premium and Conditional Moments
 Investment Funds
 Insurers' Catastrophic Risk
 Agency costs and Managerial Compensation


  Juan Martin Sotes Paladino
  Website  |  Email  |  CV (pdf)


 Asset Pricing

 Asset Pricing under Incomplete/Asymmetric
 Delegated Portfolio Management
        and Investment Funds
 Capital Market Frictions


USC has a separate Department of Economics in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.
University of Southern California Department of Economics Job Market Candidates


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michelle Lee, Director, Marshall School of Business PhD Program.

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