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 International Experiential Learning Programs-Freshmen

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

The GLP program is a groundbreaking program geared toward freshmen. This program is open by invitation to the most academically talented students of the honors program in each incoming freshmen class. The GLP features meetings with executives of some of the top companies and businesses in major cities in Asia as well as local and national government officials. It consists of a two course sequence during the year as well as a research component visit to Shanghai or Beijing during spring break.

Learning about International Commerce (LINC) Program

The LINC program is open to freshman students who apply. LINC is designed to help expose freshman business students to business practices outside of the United States. The program features a 2-unit course centered on International Business and a ten day trip outside the US to meet with executives and political leaders abroad. LINC consists of one course offered during the spring semester as well as a research component visit to various destinations during spring break.  The ultimate goal is to send every freshman business student on such a program in the near future.

Note to Students:

After you have been accepted  to participate in the GLP or LINC program by the Marshall Undergraduate Student Services Office, someone from our office will contact you via email to help you get ready to travel overseas. 

If you have been accepted to participate in the GLP or LINC programs, visit the following websites for more information and required forms.

LINC-March trips
LINC-May trips