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Career Services

The Leventhal School of Accounting is committed to providing our Masters students with several opportunities to interact with accounting professionals and to explore employment options. The Director and Associate Director of the Masters programs, with more than twenty years of combined experience in a university setting, help each student to explore job prospects and develop job search strategies. A full range of services are provided to each graduate student including:

Resume Book and Preparation

To aid you in your job search, we send a resume book to the firms that recruit from our program two days prior to our annual Recruiters Breakfast. We include a one-page resume for all full-time graduate students in accounting and tax (M.Acc., M.B.T., J.D./M.B.T. and MBA-accounting track).

We provide our students with a sample resume, detailed instructions on formatting and tools to aid you in preparing your resume. Before including a student's resume in the book they must meet with a career services advisor for a resume critique.

The resume book is a valuable tool consulted by recruiters and is utilized by the Leventhal School of Accounting to promote its students and programs.

Mock Interviews

Students are highly encouraged to participate in a mock interview session in preparation for on-campus recruiting. Mock interviews are scheduled throughout the month of September and provide students with an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills and receive specific and constructive feedback.

Recruiters Breakfast

The Recruiters Breakfast is the kick-off event for fall recruiting and a student's attendance at this event is critical. The Recruiters Breakfast is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from global, national and local accounting firms and corporations looking to attract our students. Although this is a social event, firms often use it to identify top candidates. Each student is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to learn about job prospects.

Employer Sponsored Events

Many of the companies who recruit our M.Acc. and M.B.T. students will host a firm tour prior to the start of on-campus interviews. These events take place in the evening and offer students the opportunity to visit the firms' offices and meet employees. These events are a recruiting tool and firms use it to get to know the students and to disseminate valuable information about their organizations, corporate cultures and career opportunities. These are excellent venues for students to gather critical information and interact with firm representatives face-to-face outside the interview room.

On-Campus Recruiting

To expose yourself to the greatest number and variety of opportunities you should register at the MBA Career Resource Center and undergraduate Career Planning and Placement Center as each will post different job openings. Through the MBA Career Resource Center, the Big Four professional services firms and other national and local accounting firms will post open positions. Local accounting firms, industry and governmental organizations tend to post open positions through the Undergraduate Career Planning and Placement Center.

Career Information

A selection of job search materials including books, databases, videotapes and directories are available in the undergraduate Career Planning and Placement Center, the MBA Career Resource Center and the Crocker Business Library.