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International Finance

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Locating Information on Foreign Companies

Finding information on foreign companies can be difficult. Some foreign companies trade stocks and other securities on U.S. exchanges; others do not. The amount of information that is available will depend on the security issued and where it is traded, since the United States and other countries have different rules governing disclosure.


Financial Information


20Fs are filed with the Securities Exchange Commission by foreign companies that trade stock on U.S. exchanges. 20Fs are similar to the 10K form filed by U.S. companies.

Lexis-Nexis Academic: Business: Company Financial Information: SEC 20F Reports


American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are one way that U.S. investors can invest in foreign companies. ADRs are not shares of stock. They are held by a custodian for an investor. Even though they are listed as being traded on exchanges, they are not traded as stock on these exchanges. If you use their ticker symbols on websites that give stock quotes, you will not get a price for them. There are several sites devoted to ADRs; the companies listed at these sites will vary depending on whether the bank holds these ADRs.

Bank of New York Global Equity Investing Depositary Receipt Services contains good description of ADRs and how they are traded. Has statistics on ADR issues and company profiles in PDF format for companies with ADRs.

JP Morgan ADR contains profiles, charts, historical financials, and earnings information for companies with ADRs. Allows user chart ADRs in comparison with various indices.

NASDAQ International Issues

NYSE International View

Other sources of financial and stock price information

Advice for Investors contains information about companies that trade stock on Canadian exchanges.

ISI Emerging Markets contains financial information and investment reports for companies in countries that the service covers. Also provides limited market data.

In the Business Library

Mergent's International Manual  (Reference HG4509 .M66)


Markets Stock Exchanges and Stock Indices Worldwide

Bloomberg Market Summary (current data)
CNNfn Markets (current data)
NYSE Links to Stock Exchanges Worldwide (links to markets)
Crocker Library's Stock Information on the Web research guide


Currency and Exchange Rates

Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports exchange rates for major currencies during the course of the day. Also has historical exchange rates.
Yahoo! Exchange Rates
CNN Currency
Xenon Labs Interactive Currency Table

In the Business Library

International Financial Statistics contains macroeconomic data on countries that belong to the IMF. Current issues are in the periodical section.
The Wall Street Journal has daily exchange rates. You can find the past three months' worth of issues at the Circulation desk.


Interest Rates

International Economic Trends Annual (31 countries) by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
International Economic Trends Quarterly (7 countries) by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Comparative Economic Data

World Bank Data
International Economic Trends Annual (33 countries) by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
International Economic Trends Quarterly (7 countries) by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Country Exposure Lending Survey contains statistics compiled by the Federal Financial Institutions Examiners Council on U.S. bank loans made to foreign borrowers.


Development Banks and Related Agencies

The World Bank, IMF and development banks prepare reports and collect information on interest rates, exchange rates and other economic data.

World Bank

International Finance Corporation
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency


African Development Bank
Asian Development Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Inter-American Development Bank

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Central Banks

Bank for International Settlements a.k.a. "the central bankers' central bank," contains publications and statistics on international banking as well as links to central banks.
Foreign Central Banks from the Bank for International Settlements' website contains select central banks. These are good sources of economic and financial statistics.
NYU Center for the Study of Central Banks is a joint project of the NYU School of Law and Stern School of Business. It has links to central banks on the Web and research on central banks and banking.


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