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Country Data

USC Subscription-Based Online Resources

  • The EIU produces objective and timely analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment in more than 180 countries. Click on the "Enterprise Client Access" link to search the database, and select Cuba from the country menu to browse the following:
    1. "Country Report" covers the economy, the economic outlook, political scene, economic policy and some specific industries.
    2. "Country Profile" provides analysis of historical, political, infrastructure and economic trends. 
  • Global Market Information Database
    Keyword search "Cuba" to find statistics and market reports on consumer goods.
  • Investext Plus 
    Keyword search "Cuba" to retrieve analyst reports on companies and industries.
    Keyword search "Cuba" to retrieve market share reports on commodities and services in Cuba.
  • Global Road Warrior
    Contains basic country profiles and cultural and business etiquette information.
  • TableBase
    Search the 'Title' field to find statistical data on any number of variables in Cuba.

Generally Available Online Resources

The USC Libraries

Search HOMER for "CUBA AND BUSINESS" or "CUBA AND CULTURE" to locate books on these topics. Try other search terms as well. Note: If a book is checked out, it can take up to two weeks to recall.  Also, search eBrary to find full-text books online.

Crocker Library

  • The Global Etiquette Guide to Mexico and Latin America (Reference BJ1838 .F676 2002) Chapter 9: Cuba (pgs. 199-217)
  • Global Business Etiquette (Reference HF5389 .M375 2006)
  • Exporters' Encyclopaedia (Reference Desk HF3011 .E9)
  • Doing Business in Emerging Markets (Reference 62.4 C387 2002)


Search for articles written about business in Cuba in ABI/Inform, Factiva and Lexis/Nexis Academic. Some possible topics are "CUBA AND INDUSTRY TRENDS" or "CUBA AND [your industry here]" or "CUBA AND BUSINESS." Note: These are USC subscription-based resources.

Search for articles written about business in these locally published Cuban publications:


Government Information

Cuba Sites

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Country Data | Articles | Statistics | Government Information | Cuba Sites | Help