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Sports Industries

(NAICS code 711211) (SIC code 7941)

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This page focuses on industry-related information (as opposed to fan-related information).  For information on curricula pertaining to the sports industry, please consult USC Marshall School of Business' Sports Business Institute.


University Libraries

Search HOMER for books and periodicals using the following words and phrases, or find full-text books online in eBrary:

  • sports (specific game)
  • sports marketing
  • sports finance
  • sports economics
  • sports business
  • sports franchise
  • sports management
  • sports administration
  • sports law
  • sports manufacturing

Some good books to start with are:

  • Sports Marketing, 2009 by Richard K. Miller (Business Reference GV716 S6353x 2009)  The 2006 edition is available online; contact Crocker Library to request.
  • Sports Business Resource Guide & Fact Book, 2010 by Street & Smith  (Business Reference GV567.3 .S66)
  • A Career in Sport Management by the Institute for Career Research (Doheny HF5381 .A1R47 no. 328 2003)
  • The Business of Sports / Scott Rosner  (Business Reference GV713 .B87 2004) A compilation of articles and reports on various facets of the sports industry including league structures, licensed products, media representation, franchise valuation and labor issues.
  • The Business of Sports: a primer for journalists / Mark Conrad  (Business Reference GV716 .C665 2006)
  • The Economics of Intercollegiate Sports / Randy Grant  (Business Reference GV350 .G73 2008)
  • The Name of the Game: the business of sports / Jerry Gorman (Doheny/Leavey GV716.G67 1994)
    A basic though slightly dated primer with invaluable information for beginners who want to understand the economic dynamics of sports. It focuses on baseball, football, basketball and hockey.
  • The Market Structure of Sports / Gerald W. Scully (Doheny GV716.S38 1995) Assesses the business world of professional sports, offering technical insights into franchises, salaries, broadcasting rights and management practices.
  • Sports Market Place Directory, 2006  (Business Reference HD9992 .U5S667 2006) Chapter 10 contains statistics on sports participation, sporting event attendance, and sporting goods purchases.
  • Major League Losers: the real cost of sports and who's paying for it / Mark S. Rosentraub (VKC GV716.R67 1997) A financial analysis of the relationship between professional sports and public communities.
  • Pay Dirt: the business of professional team sports / James Quirk (Doheny GV716 .Q57 1992)
  • The Economics of Sports (Doheny GV583 .E36 2000)
  • Sports Economics: current research (Doheny GV716 .S594 1999)
  • Sports, Jobs and Taxes: the economic impact of sports teams and stadiums by The Brookings Institute (Doheny GV716 .S647 1997)

Some periodicals pertaining to sports business (search eJournals to find online access):

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Subscription Databases

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General Information and Statistics



  • NBA Salary Cap FAQs: Offers a comparison of 2005 and 1999 collective bargaining agreements for NBA players
  • Business section provides statistics on NBA player salaries, owners, TV contracts and attendance 











Stadium Management

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PublicationsSubscription Databases | GeneralBaseball | Basketball | BicyclingBoating/Yachting | Football | Golf | Motorsports | Skiing | Skydiving | Soccer | Surfing/Bodyboarding | Tennis | Stadium Management