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Stock Quotes on the Web

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Current Quotes

Note: quotes that are available free and over the web are generally delayed by about 20 minutes.  To obtain real-time stock quotes, access the Bridge Financial System, available on the Marshall network.

CNN Money
Motley Fool
New York Stock Exchange
Wall Street Research Network
Yahoo Finance

Historic Stock Quotes

Free Sites:

Coverage: Jan. 2, 1968 to present
Versatility: Enter company name or ticker symbol, then choose Hist. Prices from the menu bar. 
Result: Opening, Closing, high, low prices and volume. You may click each column heading to change the sorting


Path: select "Historical Quotes"
Coverage: January 1988 to date.
Versatility: Look up one date at a time for one stock.
Result: Closing price, split-adjusted price, adjustment factor.

Yahoo Finance

Path: Look up current quote, select "Charts", then "Historical Quotes".
Coverage: Varies by company; some back to the 1960's.
Versatility: Data are displayed 200 dates at a time. All dates can be exported to one spreadsheet.
Result: Closing price, split-adjusted price, dividends.

Historical Data for S&P 500 Stocks

Coverage: One year
Versatility: Look up an S&P stock by name or industry sector. Downloads results into a comma-separate text file for individual stocks (composite data not available). Links to other sites for historical data. Site is aimed at the technically oriented.
Result: Date, Ticker, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume


Subscription Sites:


Path: Go to Companies/Markets
Coverage: daily, weekly, or monthly with outputs up to 5 years 
Versatility: Option to display as text, formatted table or chart
Result: Close, open, high, low, and volume

Wharton Research Data Service

Historical data back much further than anywhere else. Wharton is designed for power users and requires an account to be established before you can get access to the databases. Contact the Crocker Library for more information.

Path: CRSP
Coverage: monthly or daily 
Versatility: Option to display as text or in HTML table (the latter is recommended) 
Result: High, low, volume and close and a variety of other variables

Stock Indexes


Coverage: Five years
Versatility: Look up one stock for several date ranges. Can save data as a text file and import into a spreadsheet. Historic data available only for NASDAQ stocks. Not available for stock that trade on other exchanges. Click on the charts to see the underlying data.
Result: Date, Close, Volume

New York Stock Exchange Index

Path: go to "Market Information" and select "Data Library"
Coverage: 1966 to date
Versatility: Provides data in ten year, daily format.
Result: Lists composite, industrial, transportation, utility and finance in a file which can be saved to disk.