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Marshall Consulting Program is a new and exciting program just launched by the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. It brings together business students, faculty, and our client-partners, all with an eye to serving small businesses and non-profits in the neighborhoods surrounding campus.


Beginning in the fall of 2008, Marshall and the university will assemble small teams of students to work with individual clients in our community. Our goal is twofold: to share good business skills and simultaneously provide real business-consulting experience to our students. In addition, each team will be mentored by a business professional who will volunteer his or her expertise to serve as a resource for a team. In many instances, these mentors will be Marshall alumni who are committed to helping both the campus neighborhood as well as current students. In other cases, the mentors will consist of individuals who hold firm to the notion that business professionals have a pro-bono duty to town and gown, that is, to the community and to the university.

Nothing that we are doing here is new to the university or to Marshall. Rather, we are building on a long tradition of community service on the part of our students and faculty. What is new, however, is the establishment of a program and office within Marshall specifically designated to serve as a liaison between those faculty, students, and community clients who ought to come together. We expect great things from Marshall Consulting Program and will not be satisfied as long as a single client remains who can benefit from our services. We dedicate ourselves to this outreach, and, if you are willing to do similarly, we invite you to join with us in all that we hope to accomplish.

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