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Dave Logan, PhD

Dave Logan is a Lecturer in the Management & Organization department.  From 2001-2004, he served as Associate Dean/Executive Director of Executive Education.  During that time, he started the Master of Medical Management (MMM), a business degree for mid-career medical doctors.  He also initiated new executive education programs with dozens of companies, from Northrop Grumman to Westcom Credit Union.

He has taught in the Marshall MBA since 1996, including courses in Management Consulting, Negotiation, and Leadership.

Dave is also Senior Partner of JLS Consulting, a management consulting firm specializing in cultural change, executive coaching, and strategy.  JLS's clients include Amgen, Intel, American Express, Southern California Edison, and Health Net.

Dave is also on the faculty at the Foundation for Medical Excellence, and teaches in the International Center for Leadership In Finance (ICLIF) in Kuala Lumpur, endowed by the former prime minister of Malaysia.

About 20% of Dave's clients are not-for-profits, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  He also serves of the board of governors (and vice chair of the board) of the Los Angeles Stage Alliance, a performing arts service organization.  His work involves bringing lessons from a free market to organizations typically dependent on funding.

He has been interviewed on CNN, National Public Radio, the Los Angeles Times, and most major networks.

He has written dozens of articles, training programs and two books, including Reinventing Your Career (1996, McGraw-Hill), and The Coaching Revolution (2000 and 2004 -- revised paperback, Adams Media).  He is currently at work on two books, Tribal Leadership and The Silver Bullet, both due out in 2007.

Dave has a PhD in Organizational Communication from the Annenberg School at USC.