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Special Programs


Global Leadership Program


The Global Leadership Program is open by invitation to the most academically talented students in each incoming Freshmen class. These students form their own cohort, take the Freshmen Leadership and Global Leadership seminars their first year, and have access to many exciting opportunities including visiting international businesses locally and abroad, job shadowing, and priority access to our three joint programs.

Freshman Leadership Seminar

The Global Leadership Program begins with a Leadership Seminar Course in the Fall. The purpose of the seminar course is to broaden students' perspectives on issues, trends and opportunities in the business world such that they can make directional choices relative to their academic programs while here at USC and, ultimately, to their careers as the leaders of the future. The Seminar consists entirely of guest speakers, all of whom are considered leaders in their chosen fields. In discussions with the class, speakers cover such topics as their personal career path, crucial decisions they have made, their industry and the opportunities within it, and personal advice to students regarding courses of study, internships, and jobs.

Global Leadership Seminar

The Global Leadership Seminar expands the Freshman Seminar to an international level. This seminar, conducted in the Spring semester of the freshman year, consists of a combination of lectures and guest speakers, and includes a business trip to China. The purpose of the lectures is to introduce students to the concept of globalization and the practice of international business, with a specific focus on China.

The International Experience

As part of the Global Leadership Seminar, students will take an experiential business trip to China during Spring Break. As they meet with executives from local and international companies doing business in China, students will be able to experience first-hand the differences and similarities of business practices in this region, compared to that of the U.S.

Joint Programs

Joint programs offer a unique opportunity to couple the business major with coursework from a second discipline providing students with the specialty expertise that distinguishes 21st century leaders and professionals. Marshall offers the following:

Business/Cinematic Arts Joint Program

Business/International Relations Joint Program

For more information on our joint programs, click here.

Marshall LINC Program

The Marshall School of Business is dedicated to providing students with the finest and most enriching business experience. We continually strive to create challenging and stimulating experiences, that will expose students to the pratical and theoretical sides of business. The Marshall School of Business has long exposed our students to the world of global business through short-term trips abroad. We were pioneers when we required all of our MBA students to participate in such programs, and are breaking new ground once again, with Marshall LINC

Marshall LINC is unique in that it is the only program of its kind in the US that focuses specifically on first-year students. LINC is designed to help expose freshman business students to business practices outside of the United States. The program features a 2-unit course centered on International Business and a 10-day business trip during Spring Break outside the US to meet with executives and political leaders abroad.

Business Minors

The Marshall School of Business offers 11 Business Minors. The business minor provides the opportunity for non-business majors to gain an understanding of the concepts and tools of business. Minors include: Business Administration, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership and Management, Human Resource Management, Management Consulting, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Accounting.

For more information on our Minor Programs, click here

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